Where: Nin Yoga ST MARYS

When: 19/05/2019 12:30pm-1:30pm

Investment: $35

In this workshop we will be tuning in with our bodies and aligning with the seasonal energy of Autumn.

This is the time of the Metal Element, when it is important to create a balance in our Lung (LU) and Large Intestine (LI) meridian lines as well as our physical organs.

We will be setting intentions to let go of old habits and beliefs that no longer serve us, then we can welcome in the new and reinvigorate our daily lives with fresh energy.

Keeping these meridians healthy helps to prevent colds and flus, and improve the ability to absorb minerals from our food.
Plus, Krystal will be discussing how some essential oils can help support you in this as well.

This workshop will aim to strengthen our life force and boost vitality through use of purposeful breathing, strengthening of our core ('hara'), stretching to open meridian lines, partner poses and massage.