Yoga for the little ones...

Little Om Yogis yoga classes are a fun, challenging and non competitive, aimed to promote self awareness by helping students to become aware of their body, their breath and mindfulness of their breath and to meditate and relax their mind.

Students are encouraged to embrace their yoga journey, focusing on their own potential and abilities, working at their own pace. Yogic postures improve their general health, help to maintain or develop flexibility, balance, strength and co-ordination, while increasing focus. Breathing practices are aimed to develop a calm and clear mind promoting emotional stability.

Yoga nourishes imagination and creativity and with regular practice, students will find they have correct posture, improved self confidence, balance, concentration, flexibility, strength and better breathing.

Kids Classes every Tuesday

Our little Om Yogis program will begin at the start of the 2018 school term, Tuesday the 30th January. Our little Oms class does not run during school holidays.

These  45 minute classes will only set you back $10, which is to be booked on the schedule or on the Mindbody app in advance.

4:15pm - 5:00pm       5 - 12 year olds




How do I book?

As spaces are limited to only 8 per class, advance bookings will guarantee your child a spot in the class. All you need to do is book on our live scedule or on the MindBody app.

For your child's first session, please arrive at least 10 mins early to fill our their waiver form. If your child has their own yoga mat, please bring that with them, along with a bottle of water, otherwise they are welcome to borrow one of our studio mats.

Parents are welcome to wait in the reception area for their child's class to finish, however, please remember that the instructor will be assisting the children in meditation, breathing exercises, as well as trying to improve their focus, so please keep the noise in the waiting area to a minimum.