5:30-7:30pm   -   28th september 2018

Breathwork gives each individual the opportunity to process fears, trauma and negative emotions that are stored in the cells of the body.

When we experience trauma, deep sadness or loss we naturally move into the flight or fight process. We do this so we can move on with our daily life such as earning a living, feeding our children and life in general. In ancient cultures like the Middle East and Africa grieving is seen as a natural process that has significant purpose or is seen as a “rite of passage”. Time and space is allocated in honour of this process. You can see men and women wailing for days, wearing certain dress in song, dance and ceremony or going to sacred places to allow the sadness to be present. This could be done alone, within a tribe or with the entire community support. Western culture however is busy and forces us to move on storing these emotions inside our bodies and minds.

Breathwork gives us the opportunity to journey safely inward and release the emotions that have been stored inside of us. We can carry these emotions from as early as our birth and if they are not released they can have long lasting subconscious effect that keep us from reaching our full potential.

Breathwork also gives us the opportunity to access our natural state of bliss. This can occur after a emotional release and can also give us space to access insight and clarity to make positive changes in our lives.

Tickets COST $75 pp.


To book your place or find out more send a personal message via Facebook or email or phone Ginny on 0420984481