Yoga Teacher Training for Everyone

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Kind words from graduates

Yoga has changed my life. Learning yoga and sharing yoga is so much more about the physical aspect of yoga. It is really a journey within itself. Its a really transformational journey that you embark on.

Its a journey where you find out who you are a what lies underneath the surface.

It has been the greatest and most rewarding thing that I have ever done so far. I would highly encourage you to embark on this extraordinary journey, even if the end goal is not to become a teacher.

- Mihaela

No time is the right time but any time is the perfect time! Being ‘ready’ isn’t a state it’s a choice! 🧘‍♀️

Deciding to be ready doesn’t mean all your worries go away, doesn’t mean your stress, anxieties and doubts go away. It means that you are strong enough to take a step into this new direction. Even if it is only a small step. 👣

Part of that process is finding your voice as a teacher, as a yogi, and as a human being.

Grateful to have shared this space with other wonderful souls.

And the journey begins…

- Katrina

Yoga is for every day in your life.

It’s for the days you are feeling overwhelmed, the days you are struggling to get up and go to work, the days you are having arguments with your partner, and every other day in between. It gives us the tools to be calmer and more patient parents, more open-minded and present friends, and put simply just kinder and more peaceful humans in general.