But what does it cost?

We have a simple and straightforward pricing structure so that these classes can be as accessible as possible, while still keeping that boutique community feel.

Intro Deal

New student? 30 days of unlimited classes for $69 is the best place to start. Pick any start date you like, no commitments.

Weekly Membership

OurĀ best value, we have a $24 one class orĀ $46 unlimited membership, no contract, cancel anytime with 30 days written notice.


Dont like to commit? We have $35 single class passes or $270 ten class passes, valid for 3 months.

Intro Deal

Every single wonderful human that graces our doors gets to first take advantage of our special offer. 30 days of unlimited classes for $69.

You can learn more by clicking here, otherwise, to sign up right away and get booking, click the button below.

$69 for 30 days

Unlimited Membership

Keen for two or more classes a week? AMAZING! That is what it takes to really embody the benefits of this practice. Our weekly unlimited membership has no signup fees or lock in contracts. AnyĀ pauses or cancellations need to be emailed to us with 30 days notice to [email protected].

$46 a week

One Class Membership

One class enough for you for now? You can commit to yourself and sign up for our one class per week membership. Unused classes roll over to the second week, and last for forteen days in total. No sign up fees or lock in contracts. Any pauses or cancellations require 30 days written notice to [email protected].

$24 a week

Ten Class Pass

Not keen on commitments? Totally ok! Our ten class pass is valid for three months form the purchase date and can be used on any of our weekly scheduled classes.

Ten Class Pass - $270

Single Class

Travelling? Seen us online and just SO KEEN to have a sneak peak without any commitment at all? This is ok our love! Our single class pass is valid for any of our weekly classes and for three months in total.

Single Class - $35