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Do something your future self will thank you for.

Nin Yoga is two yoga studios located in Western Sydney, Australia.

Queen Street, St Marys

York Road, Jamisontown 

We would love to guide you in this thing called life.



30 Days for $69

Yoga disciplines we offer include:

☀️ Vinyasa Yoga

☀️ Yin Yoga

☀️ Yin Yang (its both in one!)

With a focus of breath awareness and meditation in most classes.

A handful of our classes are also offered via Online Livestream using Zoom.

We also have a handful of Pilates, Barre, Aerial Yoga and Lyra classes, cause why not!

Our promise is to educate in a friendly, non-competitive and welcoming environment from seasoned movers and meditators to absolute beginners.

Come join us!

We are sure to have something that you have been looking for!

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