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Curious as to why yoga teachers put asanas (yoga poses) in a particular order during a Vinyasa Class?

It's all about the Vinyasa Krama Baby!

Vinyasa is one of the most popular styles of Yoga in Australia. If you have been to a class that links movement with breath in a sequence, it was most prob a Vinyasa class.


The word Vinyasa can be broken down into "vi", which means "a special way" and "nyasa", which means to step or to place. "Krama" then means a sequence or progression.


No matter how we would like to think about it, in reality, the only constant in this life is change. This is represented beautifully in Vinyasa, as we practice a sequence of continuous asanas, from start to finish, with every single movement we do in the flow of postures linked to an inhale or an exhale, aligned with the intention to continue to progress forward.


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Well, we have a FREE (Yes, free) mini-course on just this subject.


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The mini-course only has small digestible lectures from yours truly, as well as example classes from 3 of our Yoga Teacher Trainers.

Simply click HERE to gain access.

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P.S. If you do end up downloading the course, also download the "Kajabi" App and open it there. It's wayyyyyyy easier to navigate (and if you have access to our online platform, it will appear there too!)


P.P.S. If none of this is of any interest to you, my gift to you is the below. Gave me a good laugh this morning. Oh, how I love doggos. Have a wonderful day friends :)




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