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Feel them feels ❤️ then move on forward

Hey There,


Over the weekend the fam bam (extended and friends included) and I spent every single spare moment preparing to let go of our two buildings on the corner of Queen Street and the Great Western Highway.


Yesterday, after 3 years, we handed over those keys.


I remember the day we received the keys oh so vividly. So full of grand ideas. Belly twirling with excitement with all the possibilities that lay ahead. With a support team of cherished family, friends, and teachers ready to tackle the mystery that lay ahead.



When we made the decision to not resign for another 3 years, this was a huge moment of growth for our little business.


"Growth? But how? You are letting go of two brick and mortar buildings..." (This was the chitta vritti constantly in my head!)


But yes. Letting go = growth.


Giving in those keys yesterday felt like the biggest step forward. Like when you are cleaning out your closet, and you know you need to let it go... ahhhhh but many memories in that dress, and those knee-high chuck taylors? They will fit my calves again one day! 


Heck, they still even bring you joy... but there is just no space on this new path. Remember, "chucks are cool but they hurt your wide feet, and you never bother wearing them anyways because you can't just slip them on like your boots" (another actual conversation in the actual head).


Letting go of those buildings gives us the chance to focus on what really matters to our community. The community that has been with us since day 1 nearly 6 years ago.


And you know what that is?




Yoga has always been our bread and Nuttelex.


We are good at yoga. We are the studio that first comes to mind when someone asks on a Facebook group about yoga in the area, and we love that.


Letting go has also given us space to focus on two huge projects in the coming months, one of them, of course, being our Yoga Teacher Training (we re-vamped it, and it is more accessible price-wise and on a weeknight evening, and still rocking teachers and curriculum!).


The other, you heard here first, is Nin Yoga partnering to host the Australian Yoga & Wellness Festival at Penrith Panthers.


Both of these are landmark events for the yogis of Western Sydney, and to be able to do take on these projects, we had to let others go.


We can't do everything. As much as our ego tells us otherwise, that is OK.


That is not to say returning the keys did not make me sad. I had a bit of a cry over the weekend and I nearly cried after handing the keys yesterday (my partner gave me a hug and we went out for Kota Sushi and Chatime, which can only be done with a big smile! Yummmmm!!!


If you got this far in this story, thank you for going on this journey with us. We do this for the love, and we can not do any of it without you.


Manifesting someone to buy YOU sushi and pearl tea when you are shifting them big feelings.


Annika xx


P.S. Letting go is never easy. All the steps need to happen. Change happens when doing the hard stuff. You got this!


P.P.S If you are keen to make a change with a group of likeminded humans, using yoga as your tool, you can do so here ❤️






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