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Oopsie daisy 🌼

free yoga course nin yoga Aug 30, 2023



So, yesterday we sent out our good old regular 10 a.m. Tuesday newsletter (which you can LISTEN to here), about the musings of the week.


Then... I started to get a handful of messages... and even calls, about how sad students are that Nin Yoga is closing.



Nin Yoga St Marys is NOT closing. 


The landlord would have to actually drag us out of there kicking and screaming, and P.S. that's not even me using an expression. I will literally be kicking and screaming (I won't kick the landlord, but I'll at least pretend to, and if you have ever done one of my classes, you know I can be pretty darnn loud too).


I do see now that if someone were to quickly skim-read the email, it does, maybe kind of read like we closed the St Marys Studio, and for that, I'm sorry. I will try and be more clear in the future 🙏


Our studio classes are in full swing (quite literally actually).


You can see our full live timetable by clicking here.


We also actually just had a St. Marys Studio photoshoot last week with Aurorae Photography! The perfect Segway for us to now show them below and have a bit of a humble brag moment.




So yeah, point of the story?


We are not closed! Nin Yoga is OPEN OPEN OPEN! 


And we would absolutely LOVE to have you.


If you have never been to our studio before, you can sign up for our $22 two-week trial by clicking here.


Otherwise, if you have been within the walls once or many times before, and haven't been back in a while, please use this as a sign to get that tooshy back on the mat with us!

See you in class/teacher training/the festival 😉


Annika xx

P.S. For the Game of Thrones fans out there, I did think twice about putting in that GIF. That scene was a tear-jerker.. but gosh.. it was just too spot-on not to use!



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