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Why it matters

Uncategorized May 24, 2024

Last Friday, we had the first out of the four workshops we have set up at the studio to raise much-needed funds for The Haven.


Kai showed up for the community and hosted meridian-based yoga, followed by a dreamy yoga nidra (yogic sleep), all supported by heaters, blankets, and candlelight.


Thankful for all the yoga teachers who used their time and creativity to put something together at our studios for this exceptionally worthy cause.


As we continue to support The Haven (Nepean Woman Shelter) for May, I want to take a moment to explain why your support is so crucial.


Domestic and family violence remains a pervasive issue in our community and as a society as a whole, affecting individuals and whole families from all different walks of life. The Haven provides a lifeline for women and children, offering shelter, casework, advocacy, and resources to help them rebuild their lives.


Your donation, no matter the size, can make a tangible difference in the lives of those seeking refuge from abuse. It provides essential funding for The Havens' programs and services, ensuring that they can continue to support survivors on their journey to safety and healing.


Nin Yoga alone has so far raised $1076.86, which will contribute to the $ 300,000 needed each year to keep the Haven open (all community funded, btw!). We will need to raise more to help contribute and do our part. Every dollar brings us closer to ensuring no one has to spend any more nights in fear.


Click the link below to join Nin Yoga and make a difference.



So, on that note, do you have some space next Tuesday or Friday?


Our Floating Sound Healing workshop this Friday is sold out, but we have two more coming up next week with some spots left.


Floating Sound Healing with Karen & Sonam

Tuesday 28th May at 7:15pm at the St Marys Studio (2 spots only!)

Float around in a sling and do nothing while Karen guides you through meditation and Sonam serves you with some Himalayan Sound Healing.





Yoga Healing with Dani & Brittany

Friday 31st of May at 7 pm at the Penrith Studio

Join in circle with two trauma-informed yoga teachers as they guide you through gentle yoga and hold space for you as you confront and work towards healing whatever is going on personally for you.





We will continue to discuss this exceptionally important subject within our community throughout May, including reminders to make your donation by clicking the direct link or booking into one of the 2 workshops left we are offering in support of it.


If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic or family violence, you can reach out to The Haven for immediate support by clicking here.


Continue to look out for yourself and all those around you, and speak again soon.


Annika xx


P.S. If you yourself need some yogic sleep in your life, too, here is a recording of yours truly doing one a while back. Enjoy 😴


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