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Candy fueled 4 year olds 🍬

Hey Hey,

It's 36 degrees today (in case you didn't already know 😆).


If you haven't already, please be sure to fill up all your bird baths and put out some ice water for your dear fur babies.


Some (not all, some) of our class teachers will start using the air-conditioning in the studios (and we are getting the aircon fixed at the Penrith studio this Wednesday, yay!).


Moving and grooving in class with some natural heat is wonderful for heart health, stress management, or if you are keen on feeling that little bit extra limber.


In a Vinyasa class we are always working to create heat in the body, it might just mean we will get there a lil faster some days as we head into the Australian summer.

In other news at Nin Yoga, we have two FREE classes this weekend at our studios. 


On Saturday, one of our recent teacher training graduates will be teaching her class to our community (hopefully that includes you!).


I've experienced Emily's classes before and they are beautifully themed and well thought out.


She has been a student of ours for a few years and comes super consistently (she is the bubbly one who sometimes brings in muffins for the reception after her shift at Percy Plunket!


The future of Nin Yoga will stick to only hiring teachers from our teacher training program, and for our teachers to gain experience, they need your help (and feedback if you have the space after class).


And other than this offering, on Sunday we have our FREE monthly meditation, hosted at the Penrith Studio with Karen Gruber.


Fun fact about Karen, she has been teaching meditation for over a decade and is also teaching the subject in our upcoming yoga teacher training (which only has a couple of spots left, my mind actually blown in regards to all the future teachers we have coming our way).


To book into either of these classes, you can do this by heading to our schedule or searching for us in the Mindbody app.


Oh, and I almost forgot, one final little update, if you have kiddies, our St Marys Studio is a treat-or-treating stop for St Marys Town Centre this Saturday.


I'll be there behind reception from 10 am - 2 pm handing out lollies with my little Miss 4 years old.


Fun Fact, 4 years old's are rather intense when given an unlimited candy supply. Wish. Me. Luck 🍬😂


Would love to meet your little candy-fueled gremlins also if you have the time and space on the day.


Annika 🙏


P.S. I schedule this out to send on a Tuesday but it is technically 10 pm Monday night as I type this. I've been listening to the printer go alllllll day. It takes over two hours to print out one teacher training manual (printing in high quality, 332 pages, and I'm using a regular inkjet printer). I am however super excited about this manual. It's the most aesthetically/structurally beautiful Teacher Training manual EVER. (only a little bit of bias I promise!) 😜


Exciting times are ahead, however, you are involved with our community 🎉



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