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Can not think of anything more boring 😴

Hey There,


Yesterday I spent some of the day with our dear teacher Suzie (she starts teaching a regular Sunday night at St Marys in a couple of weeks too btw!), prepping things for the Teacher Training coming up in just under 2 months.


We were talking about why someone would join a Yoga Teacher Training in the first place. Deepen their practice? Career change? Help shift some stuff?


She then started to share about her own journey. How she started yoga at the age of 12 by going to class at the gym with her father, and then leaving right before Savasana to instead to go do chin-ups downstairs 😂


This story reminded me of one of my very first yoga classes also. I think I had justttttt finished high school and a friend of mine asked if I wanted to try yoga.


I don't remember any of the poses we did... except of course... Savasana.


Why would I just lay here for no reason? Why is the teacher telling me to stop? (By then I was already working 3 jobs, so stopping wasn't a thing).


Well, you know that annoying thing teachers say about how the one pose you hate the most, is the one you need the most?


This time was no exception.


Well, things have changed, and fast forward to 2023 and Suzie and I both agreed, that Savasana was now our favorite asana of them all 🎉


For those who have no idea what I am talking about, Savasana (pronounced shuh-VAH-suh-nah) is Sanskrit for "Corpse Pose", which is when we lay on our mat at the end of class for a few long moments (usually 5-7 minutes-ish).


We aim to get as comfortable as possible to let go of distractions in the body and let it completely rest.


Savasana is found at the end of every single yoga class. It teaches us the habit of stopping, resting, and digesting.


In a world where hustle culture is craved and praised... what if we took the time to simply just be?






Completely confronting discomforts and developing a more personal relationship with ourselves.


Which in turn, may help us show up exactly as who we really are.


And when we show us as we really are, this can then be when the change starts to happen.


"You change your life when you start showing up exactly as who you are. When you become comfortable with being happy here, even if you want to go forward. When you can love yourself even though you don't look exactly the way you want to. When you treat strangers the same way you treat your CEO, and when you manage $1000 the same way you would manage $10000.  We must listen to what's wrong, feel it, move through it, allow it to be."

-Brianna Wiest


Looking forward to diving deep into subjects such as this for our Yoga Teacher Training, starting October 31st.


Wishing you all the Savasanas dear ones,


Annika xx

P.S. This photo was taken over 5 years ago at Werrington Lakes. I came to the realization last week that at the end of the month, it will be Nin Yoga's 6th birthday. We have free classes on the 23rd and 24th of September to celebrate. If you need a sign to bring that friend or to come back onto your mat with us, this is it 🤩


P.P.S. Aerial Yoga Teacher Training, also with Suzie, begins at the start of next month. If this sounds like your time to fly, click here.


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