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Slowly forwards but never backwards

Happy 3rd day of the year 🎉


I adore the start of the new year. We can't deny it; it's epic reflection and implementation time.


In the thick of the days and months during the year, sometimes I feel like we are just dancing around in a repetitive circle, but after 365 days, it allows us to have something to measure and look back on and be like, wow, I got through that. Three hundred sixty-five days of learning and growing, moving slowly forward but never backward.


It's not for everyone, but I spent a handful of random moments reflecting on the past year at the start of this week (so if you are sick of the new year stuff, please skip ahead!)


It was initially triggered a few days earlier when my brother over Christmas asked me what my favorite moment of 2023 was.


This wasn't a serious question around the table; he just asked me randomly, probably when I was holding a very heavy baby and trying to figure out why she was yelling at me.


I looked my partner right in the eyes after that question, and we both had no idea 😕


And in that moment, with no answer, I felt kind of guilty about it.


How can I not know?


I continued to dwell long after my brother even cared about my answer anymore, and things started to come up.


Accomplishments initially because that is the answer that we think we should be looking for…


What about those mundane moments?


What about the repetitiveness of little glimmers that collect their compound interest to finish the year with a glow in the heart and belly that you can not even explain when asked?


And then what about the grief, the loss, and the letting go? Where does that sit? As humans, we naturally attach ourselves to the pain of others, even strangers, within ourselves. We can't deny that we are all connected. We feel through others. We are a collective.



My fav thing about 2023 tho?



The lessons!



Those AH HUH moments.



The little learnings about the everyday.


So below is a list of 23 lessons, reflections, and reminders from 2023, in random order—none really that profound, some personal, and mostly about boring self-help stuff.


We don't know everything, and that's awesome.
There is just so much out there. Things we didn't even know we would fall in love with and obsess over. Learning as an adult is humbling and fun.


You can “steal” someone else 10000 hours.

Last year, I worked with two business coaches who have taught me a lot. It was like I was on the shinkansen through yoga studio town. It was refreshing and worth the and time money invested.


Focus is a muscle that needs to be flexed regularly.

As much as I love learning new things, this can quickly fall into the distraction category. If there is something that is “your one thing” (and p.s, it's ok if you dont have one thing), carve out some time in your calendar to work on that first before checking your phone (but maybe after the kids are out of the house haha), for me at the moment, that is learning to be a better writer. I try to write this newsletter at the start of the week before looking at any notifications on anything.


Creativity isn't ours.

I read a book called "Big Magic" recently, and it talked about how creativity is its own thing as it comes and goes, and it's up to us if we want to catch it and let us take us on that wild ride, or let it go for it to go find another human. I love this idea. Helps us all feel like we have the opportunity to "be with" creativity if it resonates.


Being sad is not such a bad thing.

For most of my life, I would hide my sadness. Not since having kids have I learned to speak about it out loud, more so because I want them to talk about it out loud also.


Two kids are twice as hard as one kid.

Everyone says it, but my golly, it's true!


Everyone only has 24 hours in a day.

I think about this all the time.


The project will continue to turn into other projects.

Sometimes a blessing, other times a curse. Before I agree to a new project, I also think about the can of worms that will be let loose and if I have the space for those slippery suckers also.


The house will never be clean.

If you had told me that my mid-30s would involve vacuuming the house once, if not twice a day, I would have been like, “Don't threaten me with a good time!”. It has become a habit that seems essential and pointless at the same time. I'm curious to know if this will continue once the baby stops putting anything and everything in her mouth.


Acknowledging sunk cost fallacy.

Before I closed Maya Movement (our aerial studio and gym) last year, I thought about how much money and time I had spent. I thought about that a lot. It was the most money I have ever spent in my life in a short time. That time and that money, however, was gone. Holding on wouldn't bring it back, and it was taking me away from my newest priorities (one that poops and yells a lot but gives great hugs and is super cute). I've fallen into the trap of sunk cost fallacy with relationships, jobs, and baking. It's ok when this happens; it's human nature, right? Acknowledge (and grieve if you need to), and then do what you need to do.

Children will do as you do, not as you say.

That's why I try my best to leave the room when I need to check my phone or work on my laptop.


Being two different people does not make you an imposter.

As a reminder, I have a tattoo of a two-headed snake on my left arm (also because two-headed snakes are so totally cool).


AI can't tell stories.

And I love telling them!


Expect someone not to like you.

And that's ok. It's just a thing that will always be.


Close your eyes; what does your gut tell you?

It can be woo-woo to some, but this has saved my butt plenty of times,


We need lots and lots and lots of reminders, and so do those you care about.

Think about how many reminders we need ourselves to do something we want to do! Think about your inner talk and what it is saying back to you on repeat. Those you love and those you dont love so much are going through the same thing.


No one cares how silly you look doing your cat/cows.

Get weird about them! It also permits everyone else to get weird (cue disco cats!).


Everyone is doing the best they can with what they know.

Something I reflect on a lot when thinking about my parents.


Everyone is going through something not-so-wonderful.

I reflect on this often as soon as I chat with anyone at the studio.


Lots of us are pretty darn tired.

For many of us, we trade time for money, and at the moment, we need to trade more time for more money (Is anyone else ready to boycott Woolworths and Coles?)


The path of least resistance.

Humans are wired this way, regardless of whether we like a challenge. Energy is precious. Make it easy for yourself.


Anything you have ever wanted to learn can be found in a book.

Books are just like the coolest thing ever. And if books put you to sleep, listen to them instead.


We have two ears and a mouth.

Therefore, we should listen twice as much as we speak.


Repetition rocks.

We started sharing an x4-week beginner yoga course to help newbies learn through repetition. This goes with any new skill we are trying to learn (the next course begins with me this Saturday, by the way, click below!)

So there you have it. 23 lessons. I've missed some essential things, but that's okay. These came to my head first, so they deserve to be shared!


I would love to hear your reflections on 2023. What worked, what sucked, and how are you moving through it.


If you are new or returning to yoga and want a refresher, I will personally be leading the x4-week beginner yoga course starting this Saturday at the St Marys Studio. You can learn more about that by clicking here.



Till next time,


Keep slowly moving forwards, but never backwards 🌻


Annika @ Nin Yoga



P.S. I Thought of another thing that I always need a reminder about... It's OK to ask for help! I have LOTS of help every day from incredible people who are so much better than me in so many things. Use this as a sign. Find these people. Get the help if your gut tells you that's what the next step is. As the therapist told me yesterday, we can't do everything ❤️



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