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Hey Hey,


You know that awkward moment when that thing you have been working on for AGES is finally out into the real world and then you don't know what to do with yourself?


Well, that's what's happening to me now friends.


Something we have been working really hard on... our Yoga Teacher Training, which begins October 31st, is HERE.


This one is a lil different too...


  • It's during the weekday evening.
  • It's a combination of in-person and online.
  • It's less costly (without a compromise on quality)
  • And it's even got a payment plan option!


But Annika, please stop talking, because I have no interest in becoming a Yoga Teacher!


Well, do you have an interest in carving out more time for yourself?


Do you have an interest in learning more about your body, your mind, and your emotions?


Do you have an interest in making new friends and being part of a community?


Do you want something better to do than to just crash out at home and just do the thing you always do after work during the day?


And, well, do you like... yoga...?



Touching your toes or being able to levitate are not prerequisites. Just an open mind and a willingness to learn something new.


Around half of our past enrolments have been students who have no interest in teaching, but are just keen to dive deeper and learn something new.


But hey, if you are in need of a side hustle or complete career overhaul, we have the tools to help you with that also ;)


Spots are limited and we intend to reach capacity. If one of these spots are for you, trust that belly of yours, and do the thing that is scary and exciting at the same time.


Those are the moments that matter the most.


Hope your Thursday has been rocking, and speak again soon :)


Annika xx


Learn More About the Yoga Training


P.S. This morning I learned that the opposite of a trigger was a glimmer. These small moments spark joy or peace, which can then help cue our nervous system to feel at ease. I had this feeling this morning when I knew I was launching this training.


Manifesting lots of glimmers for you too!


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