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Revelations over laundry

nin yoga philsophy yoga Oct 10, 2023

Hey Beautiful,


I was dwelling on the weekend about a comment my baby daddy made to me last week in regard to the last newsletter.


We were sitting in our spare room (also known as the room we dump all of our laundry in) ... folding laundry, and I was talking to him about how I have been feeling overwhelmed (I try not to use the world busy, but life is full at the moment, and sometimes it overflows).


He then went on to mention how he listened to a podcast earlier in the day about 4 ways to relax 😌


It took me a moment (as it usually does with his witty one-liners), to notice that he was talking about the studio "podcast" (the one where I read out this newsletter) and how last week was about four different ways to take mini-meditations throughout the day (if you missed it, you can read it on our studio blog).


At that moment I felt a lil silly. Who am I to give advice on how to be chill?!


Hence the inspo for this week's edition ✨


A reminder that we are all just figuring it out.




And if someone looks like they know what's going on and has it all packaged in a neat little box, I would bet you $100 that's not actually the case.


For many of us (myself included) enrolling in our yoga teacher training all those years ago was a way to hopefully not just teach others, but teach myself how to sit with my discomforts, regulate the nervous system, or just simply be more present and at peace.


Also known as the protégé effect, if we learn something to eventually one day teach it, we absorb that knowledge much more effectivity.


Sometimes I think that deep down, the reason why I have personally taught such a variety of different ways to move is a way to try and get this protégé effect to run off on me somehow. I dreamt of having at least just a touch of the magic and creativity the teachers I looked up to had.


And maybe this resonates with you, maybe not, but after all that, the person that is often hardest on us, that is the one judging us, is actually not who we initially suspect it to be... it's ourselves.



Our 'what'. Our 'why'. The meaning of it all. We are all striving towards some sort of goal I assume? What is that goal really?

Makes me now think of a reading that I absolutely adore:




Once there was a fish who had heard tales of the Source of Life, which would bring whoever found it their heart's desires. The fish swam to every corner of the ocean, asking: "Where is the Source of Life? How can I find it?" She kept getting pointed toward different tasks and to more remote parts of the sea - farther, deeper, higher.

After many years of seeking, the fish arrived back at the place she had first started. Entering her home waters, she encountered an older fish who asked, "What is going on with you, my friend? Why do you look so worried and dejected?"

"I've spent years looking for the Source of Life.," the fish explained. "I can't even begin to tell you how many things I've tried or the number of places I've searched - all in vain. I don't suppose you know where I could find it?"

The old fish smiled and said, "I've heard many names for the Source of Life in my day, but the simplest is water."


Just like the fish, we have been searching for an amazing life source. Although this essential source is beyond our ability to accurately describe in words, we have given it many names: Truth, God, Peace, Source, Love, True Nature, Enlightenment, Unity, or Spirit, but the simplest name is awareness. Like the fish, we may have looked high and low, inside and outside, for this source of life and freedom. But what if that which we seek is closer than our own breath? What if the source of life already surrounds and permeates us?"

- Loch Kelly 2015, Shift into Freedom: The Science and Practice of Open-Hearted Awareness.

Anywho, that's enough rambling for one newsletter 😆


I love that I can continue to show up in your inbox on a Tuesday, and I appreciate you giving it your time (the greatest currency of them all).


We will be starting another newsletter soon, specifically on life in small business. More details on this coming later in the year if it resonates.


For now, let's continue to focus on our upcoming teacher training starting at the end of the month. We are nearly at capacity which is just wild and wonderful at the same time. 


The heart beats extra fast just thinking about it 💗


Speak again soon,




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