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Slowly forwards but never backwards

Happy 3rd day of the year 🎉


I adore the start of the new year. We can't deny it; it's epic reflection and implementation time.


In the thick of the days and months during the year, sometimes I feel like we are just dancing around in a repetitive circle, but after 365 days, it allows us to have something to measure and look back on and be like, wow, I got through that. Three hundred sixty-five days of learning and growing, moving slowly forward but never backward.


It's not for everyone, but I spent a handful of random moments reflecting on the past year at the start of this week (so if you are sick of the new year stuff, please skip ahead!)


It was initially triggered a few days earlier when my brother over Christmas asked me what my favorite moment of 2023 was.


This wasn't a serious question around the table; he just asked me randomly, probably when I was holding a very heavy baby and trying to figure out why she was yelling at me.



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