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Got 30 mins?

One thing we love doing is sharing them Nin Yoga vibezzzzzz (added "Zzzz" for extra coolness). 


We encapsulated a session from last week's Yoga & Wellness Festival for you, which was the 30-minute Intro to Meditation with Karen Gruber.


This was the only class I got to do on the day (the not-so-fun perk of putting together a festival is the very little festival-ing you actually do some show time) and it brought me back down to earth better than any turmeric and ginger latte ever could.


I hadn't done a group meditation in a while either.


I know right "but arnt you like a yoga teacher Annika and don't you get up at 3:45 am every day with the birds and crickets to wake up alongside them ?" (actual suggestion from Yoga Teacher Trainer Gaurav Malik when he was teaching pranayama to our teacher training group btw).


Sorry, but like you, and like what feels like every single person on this planet, I am just doing the best I can with the resources and capacity available to me.


Meditation is a weird one too right?


Like, what is it in the first place? And how do we even "arrive" there?


As Karen mentions there are plenty of ways we can experience meditation, which has profound benefits for our well-being: controlling anxiety, reducing stress, helping lengthen our attention span as well as improving memory, but even though we know all of this, how can we make it a regular thing we turn to, even when we are not in time of need.


This is what Karen explains in the video below 🙏🏽

30-minute Intro to Meditation

The festival is over for 2024, and it is now time to bring our focus back on growing the Nin Yoga community for its 7th year as a studio.


We have added x4 new classes to the schedule, 12 pm Tuesday & Thursday at Penrith, as well as 9:30 am Wednesday & Friday at St Marys, all with yours truly.


I have had over a year off from teaching on the regular weekly schedule (#babies), and look forward to being back on the teachers' floor telling bad jokes and repeating "cool beans" and "so good" more times than appropriate for any style of class.

If being in a class with any of ussounds like your cup of yerba mate tea, our trial deal is available only for a lil while longer before we change it up (it is too darn cheap, so if you have been wondering if it's worth it... it is, tell your friends please!).


Till next week yoga friends,


Annika xx


P.S. Yerba Mate is a green tea that I have been drinking every day. My tattoo artist drinks it to stay sharp while working and it's done the same for me.

P.P.S All the festival photos I will ever post are taken by Charlotte Dabb, a yoga teacher training graduate of ours and a wonderful human to work with. Highly recommend!

P.P.P.S I'm going to be talking about teacher training a lot over the next little bit. It starts May 5th and I'm in the middle of our current one too which has 16 wonderful souls we meet with every week. It's a huge part of what we do here at Nin Yoga.



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