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Keep It Awkward 😬

Last week, I put on my big girl high-waisted yoga flares and asked you for feedback on Nin Yoga.


(also, don't ever look up GIFS for yoga pants; they are much more sinister than I was expecting 🤦🏽)


Many of your responses to our feedback form were soothing to the soul, offering us valuable insights, suggestions, and even a few laughs.


However, as I delved into this feedback, I grappled with what Brene Brown famously once called a "vulnerability hangover."


"It's the feeling that sweeps over us after we feel the need to connect and share something deeply meaningful. Minutes, hours, or days later, we begin to feel regret sweep over us like a warm wave of nausea."


I hadn't asked for feedback in ages, and I realized that I was possibly avoiding this feeling; it took me a solid moment to sit with myself after reading both good and not-so-good feedback to acknowledge this.


And when we receive less-than-good feedback, the easy option is...

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We 💛 Woo Woo

Yoga sometimes gets compared to Pilates.


And Annika we would know. We answer calls about it allllll the time asking to explain the difference (also, literally x5 reformer pilates studios opened up in the area January this year, so I am feeling the refreshed hype around it too!)


I understand the confusion. Both yoga and pilates are low-impact exercises that can be done with minimal equipment (even zero in a lot of cases) and very little, if no guidance at all (that is, if you are self disciplined enough to think of a balanced yoga or pilates class plan off the top of your head).


In 2016, I also compared the two. I was teaching aerial arts for a couple of years and noticed students were getting a whole bunch of injuries and were just, like, not really stretching or doing any recovery (that included me btw!)


I picked yoga over pilates because doing yoga involved learning about its mother land, India, and I've always been drawn...

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Got 30 mins?

One thing we love doing is sharing them Nin Yoga vibezzzzzz (added "Zzzz" for extra coolness). 


We encapsulated a session from last week's Yoga & Wellness Festival for you, which was the 30-minute Intro to Meditation with Karen Gruber.


This was the only class I got to do on the day (the not-so-fun perk of putting together a festival is the very little festival-ing you actually do some show time) and it brought me back down to earth better than any turmeric and ginger latte ever could.


I hadn't done a group meditation in a while either.


I know right "but arnt you like a yoga teacher Annika and don't you get up at 3:45 am every day with the birds and crickets to wake up alongside them ?" (actual suggestion from Yoga Teacher Trainer Gaurav Malik when he was teaching pranayama to our teacher training group btw).


Sorry, but like you, and like what feels like every single person on this...

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