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Happy birds 🐦 happy plants 🌱

august niyamas yamas yoga Aug 15, 2023

Good Morning /Afternoon,


Over the weekend I was having a chat with one of our Yoga Teacher Training students about how it hasn't rained in ages and how we were going to fill up our bird baths.


Well, looky looky here! It rained!


I almost forgot rain was a thing.

It got me thinking... how filling up bird baths feels as much yoga as the pranayama (breathing exercises) teaching practice the students had for their teacher training afternoon (oh and btw, they all totally rocked it! You have some fineeee yoga teachers coming your way in a few months!)


You know when the yoga teacher is like "ITS ALL YOGA!".


Well to us it makes sense... but I am assuming for the student on our two-week trial (there are so many of you at the studio atm, thank you for being with us... please stay, we adore you!), we probably sound a littleeeeeee loopie.


So, why is it "all yoga"?


It's a bunch of things.. one of them is a lil something called the Yamas and Niyamas.


Heard of it?


It's kind of like the yogic 10 commandments and includes how you treat yourself, as well as others.


The Yamas and Niyamas are also really easy to apply to modern-day life (that being said, I am sure the 10 commandments can be easily applied too, this is just the one that resonates personally).


I didn't want to bore you all nerding out about Yamas and Niyamas, so if you wanted a quick 101, you can read this blog post here.


So when a yoga teacher gets all wild and is like, "Yoga is everywhere! It's everything"... These principles could be influencing their thinking too :)


Also, because yoga rocks. Just saying.


Just last night I taught an Aerial Yoga class. The tapas from each student who didn't make a particular skill right away, giving it another few goes and then surprising themselves... So much gratitude for being able to save that beautiful truss and move it into the Yoga Studio so we can continue to share the practice of flying.


Anywho, I started writing this blog last night when it was raining. Didn't get to finish it because #children #ilovesleep, and now it's Tuesday morning and the sun is out and shining already! The plants are going to love this one (so will Honey, whom we are sitting for the next week and who seems really keen on a walk). 


That's my ramblings for now,


Speak soon friends 🌱 


- Annika xx


P.S Another fun update, We are locking in a FREE meditation class (the practice of what feels like every single Niyama) each month at our Penrith Studio soon. It will be early on a Sunday. If the idea of 45 minutes of self-reflection led by one of our Yoga Teacher Trainers Karen Gruber sounds like your jam, stay tuned.


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