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In case you are curious

Welcome to August!


The first thing that came to my head?


A pinch and a punch for the first day of the month NO RETURNS!


Can you believe that this is still winter? I got a suntan over the weekend in my backyard. Shell pool out and Miss 4 years old had her bath out in the sun.


Amongst the pool parties however, we have been busy beavers with a handful of changes at the studios the last week. If you are curious about our updates, here are some below...


Website: We have merged our main website to be on the same platform as our online platform (there are still some glitches to fix but it's mostly done!). This means easier access to all the Nin Yoga things, as well as an opportunity for us to create more online courses. We just offered a Free Vinyasa Krama course, we will also start creating a 4-week online beginner yoga course soon, and our Yoga Teacher Training will have a bunch of resources to reference on there too.


Timetables: We also merged both timetables together. You can find all the Penrith Studio classes and all the St Marys Studio classes on the one schedule: (there are some new class times, including more 4:45 pm and 5 pm timeslots for St Marys)


Studios: Speaking of merges, we finished moving our Aerial Truss into the Yoga Studio. This means that Aerial Yoga, Lyra, Barre, and Pilates will all share space. It completely changes the vibe of the Yoga Studio (for the better, if that was even possible!) and the warm Merbau wood brings the whole room together.


Pricing: We have simplified our pricing to make the whole booking experience.. well, just less confusing! We now have two membership options rather than 4. $33 for 2 classes a week (mat yoga only), and $44 for unlimited classes a week (includes ALL the class options). For many of you already on our all-inclusive unlimited membership, this was a price decrease, and we have updated your memberships accordingly.


Trial: We have changed the price and terms of our trial. It's now a sweet and accessible $22.

There is also no catch. No rollover contract. No nothing.

The trial starts from the first booking date and is valid for new students only.



Why so many changes???


We are doing our best to simplify the way we structure things. Without change in business, in ourselves, in life, how do we evolve? Corny but oh so true.


Speaking of change, I just read this from a book I started only yesterday...


It is called "The Mountain is You" by Brianna Wiest.


"The objective of being human is to grow. We see this reflected back to us in every part of life. Species reproduce, DNA evolves to eliminate certain strands and develop new ones, and the edges of the universe are expanding forever outward. Likewise, our ability to feel the depth and beauty of life is capable of expanding forever inward if we are willing to take our problems and see them as catalysts. Forests need fire to do this, volcanoes need implosions, stars need collapse and human beings often need to be faced with no other option but to change before they really do."


Don't forget to slip slop slap this winter, and any questions about anything, always feel free to reply to this email.


Annika xx 

P.S. Pictured here is Paige after teaching her first class back since having a bubba and the first Aerial Class in the new space! Could hear lots of laughs from the reception  

P.P.S. A reminder we have Yin Yoga AND Aerial Yoga Teacher Training coming up sooooooon!

P.P.P.S. None of this would ever be possible without the consistent and unconditional help of our family and friends. If you are reading this... I adore and appreciate having you in this corner. It doesn't go unnoticed ♥♥♥



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