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Six years!

Hey There,


Just jumping in here to let you know we have FREE CLASSES next weekend to celebrate our 6TH BIRTHDAY!!


Saturday 23rd September

8 am Pilates at St Marys

8:30am Vinyasa Yoga at Penrith

9:45am Yin Yoga at Penrith

12 pm Beginner Lyra at St Marys

1:30 pm Aerial Yoga at St Marys

4 pm Yin Yang Yoga at St Marys


Sunday 24th September

8 a.m. Meditation at Penrith


To book into any of these classes, you will need to head to our website, or search for Nin Yoga on the Mindbody App.

This picture above came up in my memories on social media, and it made me smile.

I remember baby daddy staying up late, designing this for me. I remember using the print and copy feature at office works for the first time to print it out and feeling really pro about myself.


Dang, I remember how long it took me to create that website on the poster! I remember hating tutorials (I actually don't hate them that much anymore, I've finally learned to be...

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What do you do?

Hello Beautiful,


(and yes, I mean beautiful to even you lovely!)


The vibrancy in the air is starting to change, and not just for those who get hay fever (I feel for you too!!), but energetically too. 


And then, over the weekend we heard the most perfect poem.


It was shared by one of our Yoga Teacher Trainees during their final practical assessment (pictured below!)


It resonated not only because it was the start of spring (regardless of the name of the actual poem), but because they had all blossomed into such confident teachers themselves.


A Summers Day

Who made the world? Who made the swan, and the black bear? Who made the grasshopper? This grasshopper, I mean— the one who has flung herself out of the grass, the one who is eating sugar out of my hand, who is moving her jaws back and forth instead of up and down— who is gazing around with her enormous and complicated eyes. Now she lifts her pale...
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Can not think of anything more boring 😴

Hey There,


Yesterday I spent some of the day with our dear teacher Suzie (she starts teaching a regular Sunday night at St Marys in a couple of weeks too btw!), prepping things for the Teacher Training coming up in just under 2 months.


We were talking about why someone would join a Yoga Teacher Training in the first place. Deepen their practice? Career change? Help shift some stuff?


She then started to share about her own journey. How she started yoga at the age of 12 by going to class at the gym with her father, and then leaving right before Savasana to instead to go do chin-ups downstairs 😂


This story reminded me of one of my very first yoga classes also. I think I had justttttt finished high school and a friend of mine asked if I wanted to try yoga.


I don't remember any of the poses we did... except of course... Savasana.


Why would I just lay here for no reason? Why is the teacher telling me to stop?...

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Oopsie daisy 🌼

free yoga course nin yoga Aug 30, 2023



So, yesterday we sent out our good old regular 10 a.m. Tuesday newsletter (which you can LISTEN to here), about the musings of the week.


Then... I started to get a handful of messages... and even calls, about how sad students are that Nin Yoga is closing.



Nin Yoga St Marys is NOT closing. 


The landlord would have to actually drag us out of there kicking and screaming, and P.S. that's not even me using an expression. I will literally be kicking and screaming (I won't kick the landlord, but I'll at least pretend to, and if you have ever done one of my classes, you know I can be pretty darnn loud too).


I do see now that if someone were to quickly skim-read the email, it does, maybe kind of read like we closed the St Marys Studio, and for that, I'm sorry. I will try and be more clear in the future 🙏


Our studio classes are in full swing (quite literally actually).


You can see our full...

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Feel them feels ❤️ then move on forward

Hey There,


Over the weekend the fam bam (extended and friends included) and I spent every single spare moment preparing to let go of our two buildings on the corner of Queen Street and the Great Western Highway.


Yesterday, after 3 years, we handed over those keys.


I remember the day we received the keys oh so vividly. So full of grand ideas. Belly twirling with excitement with all the possibilities that lay ahead. With a support team of cherished family, friends, and teachers ready to tackle the mystery that lay ahead.



When we made the decision to not resign for another 3 years, this was a huge moment of growth for our little business.


"Growth? But how? You are letting go of two brick and mortar buildings..." (This was the chitta vritti constantly in my head!)


But yes. Letting go = growth.


Giving in those keys yesterday felt like the biggest step forward. Like when you are cleaning out your closet, and...

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The yoga of art 🎨

nin yoga studio yoga Aug 22, 2023

Hey Hey,


As I write this (on Monday), I'm sitting at my computer desk at home, coflo to the side, ready to type.


I usually have the baby for the whole day, so the writing happens while sitting at the reception at the St Mary's studio in the evening, but baby daddy is home and he has strapped her to his body and taken her for a walk.


Sunday was a big day for us. Well for me and the little ones. I took them both with me to a Teachers Circle and Art Class at the Penrith Studio (hosted by our in-house art teaching superstar Karen Gruber of course).


I had the chance only to spectate the watercolors moving along the paper (thanks over tired baby!), but little Miss 4 years old was happy to take a seat and get amongst it with the other teachers and past graduates of previous Yoga Teacher Trainings.


We also met in circle, hosted by another one of our teachers and graduates, Mihaela Zotta, to do a check-in with how...

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Happy birds 🐦 happy plants 🌱

august niyamas yamas yoga Aug 15, 2023

Good Morning /Afternoon,


Over the weekend I was having a chat with one of our Yoga Teacher Training students about how it hasn't rained in ages and how we were going to fill up our bird baths.


Well, looky looky here! It rained!


I almost forgot rain was a thing.

It got me thinking... how filling up bird baths feels as much yoga as the pranayama (breathing exercises) teaching practice the students had for their teacher training afternoon (oh and btw, they all totally rocked it! You have some fineeee yoga teachers coming your way in a few months!)


You know when the yoga teacher is like "ITS ALL YOGA!".


Well to us it makes sense... but I am assuming for the student on our two-week trial (there are so many of you at the studio atm, thank you for being with us... please stay, we adore you!), we probably sound a littleeeeeee loopie.


So, why is it "all yoga"?


It's a bunch of things.. one of them is a lil...

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What's the Yamas and Niyamas?

niyamas philsophy yamas yoga Aug 14, 2023

There is a bunch of oh so wonderful things that sort of bring together the teachings that are yoga. Things that make yoga that lil more special. The reason why so many come to yoga not just to be able to touch their toes, but to learn more about themselves, and to be able to sit with their discomforts.


One of those layers in that yoga onion, is of course, the Yamas and Niyamas.


Yamas and Niyamas are fundamental principles that first originated from Indian philosophy. They provide guidance on how to live that balanced and fulfilled life we all secretly or not so secretly are striving for, by cultivating certain positive attitudes and behaviors.


You can break them down like this:


1. Yamas: Yamas are moral and ethical guidelines that help us interact harmoniously with others and the world around us.

  • Ahimsa (Non-violence): This is about avoiding harm to others, both physically and emotionally. In everyday life, it means treating others kindly and avoiding...

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Hey Hey,


You know that awkward moment when that thing you have been working on for AGES is finally out into the real world and then you don't know what to do with yourself?


Well, that's what's happening to me now friends.


Something we have been working really hard on... our Yoga Teacher Training, which begins October 31st, is HERE.


This one is a lil different too...


  • It's during the weekday evening.
  • It's a combination of in-person and online.
  • It's less costly (without a compromise on quality)
  • And it's even got a payment plan option!


But Annika, please stop talking, because I have no interest in becoming a Yoga Teacher!


Well, do you have an interest in carving out more time for yourself?


Do you have an interest in learning more about your body, your mind, and your emotions?


Do you have an interest in making new friends and being part of a community?


Do you want something better to do than to just...

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and some chubby cheeks


It's been a week now since we merged our studios and schedules together, and things are looking promising. It's like the beams were meant to be in there this whole time 

We have simplified our pricing to $33 a week for x2 yoga classes a week or $44 to have unlimited access to all of our classes, which now means a lot of our members now have the opportunity to try our specialty classes when they couldn't before.

So let's take this opportunity to explain them a little bit further to you!

Here is a list of our weekly offerings:


This is our bread and butter. Where we started and where we plan to always return back to the teachings of. We offer Vinyasa (flow), Yin (Passive), and Yin Yang (flow and passive in one). Most of our classes are Yoga, and all of our classes are beginner friendly.


Our Pilates classes are 45 minutes and focus on lengthening and strengthening your muscles (mainly the core, but others definitely get involved too). It's low...

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