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and some chubby cheeks


It's been a week now since we merged our studios and schedules together, and things are looking promising. It's like the beams were meant to be in there this whole time 

We have simplified our pricing to $33 a week for x2 yoga classes a week or $44 to have unlimited access to all of our classes, which now means a lot of our members now have the opportunity to try our specialty classes when they couldn't before.

So let's take this opportunity to explain them a little bit further to you!

Here is a list of our weekly offerings:


This is our bread and butter. Where we started and where we plan to always return back to the teachings of. We offer Vinyasa (flow), Yin (Passive), and Yin Yang (flow and passive in one). Most of our classes are Yoga, and all of our classes are beginner friendly.


Our Pilates classes are 45 minutes and focus on lengthening and strengthening your muscles (mainly the core, but others definitely get involved too). It's low...

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In case you are curious

Welcome to August!


The first thing that came to my head?


A pinch and a punch for the first day of the month NO RETURNS!


Can you believe that this is still winter? I got a suntan over the weekend in my backyard. Shell pool out and Miss 4 years old had her bath out in the sun.


Amongst the pool parties however, we have been busy beavers with a handful of changes at the studios the last week. If you are curious about our updates, here are some below...


Website: We have merged our main website to be on the same platform as our online platform (there are still some glitches to fix but it's mostly done!). This means easier access to all the Nin Yoga things, as well as an opportunity for us to create more online courses. We just offered a Free Vinyasa Krama course, we will also start creating a 4-week online beginner yoga course soon, and our Yoga Teacher Training will have a bunch of resources to reference on there too.


Timetables: We also merged...

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